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Standard to Stunning….

February 24, 2012

These folks wanted to turn there dilapidated tub/shower into a beautiful shower stall.. here are some photos…ImageImage Start of the tearout process… after we removed all the tile we then cut the tub in half and removed it also!



After “hotmop” waterproofing the shower pan, lathing and scratching the walls we floated all the walls to prepare for tile install…


The homeowner decided they wanted to add a corner seat after the tile had been started, so we built it our of cinderblock.


The wall tile was a 12″x 24″ travertine set on a brick pattern. the shower floor was a 5/8′ sheet mounted tumbled travertine with a border of marble. The main floor was the same marble that we used to create the border on the shower floor. also for added color we used the same 5/8′ sheet mounted travertine only polished in the back of the shampoo niche…


We also tiled the top of the seat to flow with the shower floor.



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  1. February 24, 2012 1:34 pm

    WOW – what an awesome transformation… I love the use of the mosaics in the niche!

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