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January 30, 2011

What’s New @ Surface Concepts… This is a great tile store I highly reccomend.


MANDALA is a sophisticated collection of luxury tile from around the world featuring original designs and materials that integrate beautifully across each distinctive product line.

Historically, a Mandala (Sanskrit for “circle”) is a radiating geometric pattern that represents the wholeness of life as well as how we, as individuals, see ourselves in the context of the universe. In day-to-day design terms, Mandala represents a global universe of beautifully integrated tile design that encourages and fulfills your personal creative expression.

Mandala features a distinctive master color palette that is anchored by traditional color families, updated with new and contemporary nature-inspired hues. From rich neutrals like Carbon, Cocoa, Cayenne, and Crema to landscape shades of Caspian Blue and Tarragon Green, it is a “chameleon” palette that adapts well to any style, modern to traditional. Mandala’s colors are intuitive but not impulsive. They are based on extensive design and color research, offering you fresh alternatives that will last for many years.

See the Mandala Tile website (click here)

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